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Fastest growing turnkey supplier for Solar Energy

e2/ECTA is the fastest growing turnkey supplier of advanced technologies for Solar Energy. Leveraging its expertise in project finance and energy engineering, e2 consultants advise leading companies on ways to increase energy efficiency and generate positive cash flow from renewable energy sources.
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Our Mission

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System Installation

System Installation

Project Management and Planning with projected timelines and milestones met by professional and experienced crew members. Including all post-installation inspections.
Solar Site Evaluations

Solar Site Evaluations

We're e2 Energy Solutions, your partner in Energy Conservation. E2 brings its full-service capabilities, project finance, and program management. Our professional and resource suppliers are experts in every step at delivering a truly turnkey installation. We provide site Evaluations, Engineering Design, Contracting, Financial Analysis, Quality Assurance, Installations and Maintenance.


Permitting and Rebate

Processing Management of all paperwork including federal and state cash incentives, utility interconnection agreements, net-metering applications, local building and electrical permits. Monitoring, and brokering of any solar renewable energy credits or carbon credits (where applicable

Our Leadership Team

Paul Udowychenko

Chris Panagopoulos
Director of Engineering/NABCEP Certified

Michael Wedderman
Senior Engineer/NABCEP Certified

Philip Valdez
Controller/System Manager – FAA Certified Part 107 UAS Pilot
Certified Thermographer Level 1 & 2

Anna Rush
Manager Customer Service