Solar Maintenance

Inspection, Efficiency and More!

Areal images provide a broader perspective of your solar system and allows E2ECTA maintenance teams to receive valuable information in real-time. It is easier to identify potential problems by detecting heat anomalies across cells, strings, or panels. Combining thermal and RGB data helps determine if the heat anomalies are caused by faults found physically within the panel, (such as cracks), dust, or internal issues such as the inability to connect to a panel due to inverter or cable failure. 

Keeping records of previous inspections is useful for figuring out the causes behind panel faults. In some cases, issues with solar cells do not justify the replacement of a panel, but it is essential to keep track of them to prevent major failures. I its recommended to perform arial inspections after completing installation and use the resulting data as a baseline for future inspections. 

Drones are continuously being used on solar systems to improve inspection operations, especially areas that require thermal cameras in order to identify anomalies that cannot be seen by the naked eye. These can then be attended to by our maintenance team. The use of drones allows solar maintenance teams to cut inspection time by 70%, a significant reduction when compared to traditional methods. 


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